I miss season one of Glee.

I need to rewatch it all again this summer I think.

Excuse my absense

I’ve been away from tumblr for a while longer. But I really miss it. I think it was because haflway through season 4 of Glee, I stopped watching. Glee was the main reason I was on tumblr. I think I might watch it all at the end of the semester and I’ll get back into tumblr. I really do miss it, and all the tumblr friends I have made. Hope you followers are all doing well :)

My girlfriend and I getting snappy.

My girlfriend and I getting snappy.


oatmealchocolatechipcookies asked: Finally made an account to say hey (sad-that-you're-gone-anon). I'm not entirely certain how to message people on tumblr but hopefully this works and isn't too embarrassing. I'm used to just creeping around sites here, found yours back in the super-excited-about-brittana days. Anyway, uni is a good reason not to be here too much. I'm glad I'm recently done with it :). Good luck on yours!

Aw! I miss the super excited about Brittana days. I have some glee to catch up on, but it seems like Brittana is over. I can’t believe there was Quintana sex before there was Brittana sex shown! Uni and work can be a bitch but I will miss tumblr occasionally and post lots!


Anonymous asked: I liked when you were back and I'm sad now that you're gone again :(

That’s really sweet of you anon! I’m still here! I just started up uni again so I’ve been really busy.

Oh and anon, tell me who you are!

I dont even watch skins, but im starting to think I should.

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